Park in Hondarribia

29 Sep , 2016  

Where to park? 

The Council has established two main zones where parking is regulated, and they are paid zones open every day of the week from 10am to 8pm:

  • The “Beach” zone with the streets Ramón Iribarren, Foru kalea and Minatera
  • The “Port” zone with the streets San Pedro, Santiago, Matxin de Artzu, Bernat Etxepare, Domingo Egia, Beleztarren Markes, Irailak Zazpi, Itsas Argi, Arrantzale Auzoa, Zuloaga, Almirante Alonso, Axular and Bidasoa Kalea.

Be careful, because although the parking rates are the same, the categories are different, especially the maximum parking time. This can be seen on the signs and the colours of the road surface.

How much does it cost? 

In places where the Traffic and Parking Ordinance is in place, the following rates are applied:

  • 10 minutes: €0.20
  • 25 minutes: €0.50
  • 49 minutes: €1.00
  • 1h37: €2.00
  • 10h00: €12.40 (maximum)

It is necessary to enter the vehicle registration number into the machine, and to display the ticket on the vehicle.

Tip: if after parking the car, and going for example to eat in a restaurant, you realise that you have not put enough money in, yo can use the closest parking meter, even if it was not the one you used the first time. You will simply need to enter your car registration number and add the necessary amount of money.

What if I prefer another form of transport?

  • The river shuttle boat will leave you in the port area, a stone´s throw from the centre. access
  • The Lurraldebus interurban buses will also leave you in the centre (especially line E25, which goes to Irún every 20 minutes): access

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