Railway station

Irun train stations (Renfe / Euskotren)

19 Jan , 2017  

Irún-Ficoba: the Euskotren Ficoba Train Station is located close to the Congress Centre (Iparralde Hiribidea) and the Santiago inns. It has 900 parking spots, free between 8am and 10pm (exit also authorised after 10pm) – geolocation / access map

Irún-Colón: The Irún-Colon Euskotren train station is located right in the centre of Irún (Paseo Colón). Different modes of urban and interurban (Lurraldebus) transport provide access to it – geolocation / access map

Irun-Renfe: Irún’s international train station is located closed to the Paseo Colón in Irún (geltokiko kalea). It offers travels across to all of Spain thanks to medium and long distance, as well as high speed trains, and several bus companies (Alsa…) – geolocation / information

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