Transfermuga presents Hegobus  “1 € from Biarritz to the frontier” 

1 Jan , 2017  

What is this?

Where it is going?

Hegobus is the new bus network of the Agglomerátion Sud Pays Basque. With its 10 lines, it enables to serve Saint-Jean-de-Luz (lines 1 to 3), Hendaye (lines 4 and 5), and all the surrounding municipalities (lines 20 to 24):

  • Ahetze
  • Ainhoa
  • Arbonne
  • Ascain
  • Biriatou
  • Ciboure
  • Guéthary
  • Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle
  • Sare
  • Urrugne

For more information: plan and timetables

How much does it cost?

The lines can be accessed with a 1€ ticket. It can be bought in the bus and enables the use of the whole network for one hour. Single tickets and a strip can be bought in the bus, travel books of 10 trips or 7-days tickets can be bought at the office in front of the Saint-Jean-de-Luz rail station or from agents – agents

Tip – the daily price is the same when you are alone or with four other persons, as long as you are travelling together: 5€ for 24 hours, 10€ for a full week! more information

Why it is different?

You pay the same price everywhere! 1€ in Saint-Jean-de-Luz as in Hendaye, but also all the other municipalities.

Tip: How to pay even less? By subscribing: 20 euros per month will enable you to do unlimited travels. Better, if you use the network to go to work, you can benefit from a 50% sale from your employer (10€ per month) – subscribe online

You will not lose your usual habits! In Saint-Jean-de-Luz, you will find your Itzulia lines with some changes. At Hendaye’s side, the lines 4 and 5 take over the blue and green paths of Uribil, with some changes. The Erlaitza line becomes the line 20, and the lines to Sare and Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle have the numbers 21 and 22.

You discover new lands! You can simply go by bus to Ahetze or Arbonne for example. You can also go directly to Biarritz (rail station) and even cross the border (Irun, Behobia).

Tip – I can cross the border! The line 4 connects to the center of Irun (and a tour in Mendibil) and the line 5 connects to les ventas de Behobia, directly from all the neighborhoods of Hendaye. 

You have only one contact, only one network, a toll-free number that may provide you with assistance: 0 800 891 891.

And the details?

Almost all lines travel every day, even on Sundays.

How do I go to Saint-Jean-de-Luz?

The lines 1, 2, 3 serve Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Ciboure. There is a Line 1 every hour from 7h to 21h.

How do I go to Hendaye?

The lines 4 and 5 run every hour. They continue their path until reaching Irun in order to connect to Irunbus and Lurraldebus network (especially to serve Fontarrabie).

What about the other cities?

  • Between Hendaye and Saint Jean de Luz, in addition to the line 816 of Transports64 (Hendaye-Bayonne for 2€), the line 20 enables the shuttle by Urrugne and Abbadia.
  • The lines 21 and 22 enable to connecte to Ascain, Sare, Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle and Aïnhoa, until Dancharia.
  • The line 23 links Saint-Jean-de-Luz to the rail station of Biarritz, going throught Guéthary, Ahetze and Arbonne.
  • Finally, the line 24 links Urrugne to the city of Olhette.

Attention, on lines 21 to 24, it may be necessary to book the bus ticket the day before by calling toll-free 0 800 891 891.

And the TAD, what it is? How does it work?

If you live far from a line, you can still book the bus to reach you destination (this TAD service costs the same price as a normal journey by bus). In every area, the service is available two days per week from 9 am to 5 pm, from your home to predefined points of the network – Information

The Hegobus network will be integrated in the route calculator that we will implement by the end of 2016. You will very soon be able to plan your journeys to discover beautiful lands in the Agglomerátion Sud Pays Basque.

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