Summer travel on the Basque Coast with Transfermuga

24 Jul , 2015  

The arrival of summer always brings with it a variety of options for enjoying the Basque Coast. As tourists flock to the region however, the influx of vehicles generates traffic and pollution on the local motorways. The Basque Coast offers numerous activities on both sides of the border, whether related to culture, sport, education, gastronomy or of general interest to tourists, and made accessible thanks to the different means of transport available. This is why we believe it useful to suggest alternatives combining modes of transport, so that you can leave the car behind during the summer months. The aim is for smooth integration among the different modes of transport, meeting local needs and providing effective and efficient use of the transport system. strives to make combining different modes of transport a reality accessible to locals making cross-border journeys. Thanks to our traveller information portal and route planner, you can use our platform to create your own route integrating the different travel options available. How does it work? What does intermodal cross-border transport have to offer us? Get a pen ready because we’re going to tell you about different ways to make the most out of the transport options available on the Basque coast!

Topo and TER – Our first suggestion is the PASSBASK, an international cross-border pass available for €11 for adults and €7 for under 12s and allowing users 48 hours’ unlimited travel from Lasarte-Oria to Bayonne via SNCF and Euskotren rail services, with a single ticket (link). You can also transport your bike both on Euskotrens and on SNCF regional trains (TER) and enjoy the cycle routes available across the region (link). Similar system PassEusk will also be available from 1 July, but this time incorporating Topo and Transports64 – €5 return ticket (link).

Park and ride in Iparralde – Do you want to drive to Biarritz but know you won’t be able to find parking near the most popular beaches? Park your car outside the city centre in La Halle d’Iraty and continue on with one of the Chronoplus bus lines to your favourite beach in the Bayonne-Anglet-Biarritz Agglomeration (link). Parking is also available for Anglet’s beaches (link).

Renfe to San Sebastián’s beaches – Or would you prefer to spend the day at Zurriola beach in San Sebastián? Make the most of Renfe’s commuter train services and make the journey from Irún and Gros in comfort, without the hassle of looking for parking in San Sebastián (link).

Holidays with Alsa – Never been to Bayonne festival and want to experience it first-hand this summer? Or maybe it’s not your first time but you don’t want to take the car this year. Whatever your reason, Alsa bus company offers daily buses to Bayonne, so you won’t miss out on the fun. Catch the bus at midday in San Sebastián and enjoy a day at the festival safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to catch a later bus back at 01:15, 04:15 or even at 08:30, for the real party-goers among you (link).

Beach days with the 816EE – If you’re from Irún and you want to spend a day at one of the beaches on the other side of the border, then you’re in luck, because intercity bus network Transports64 has updated its 816 line to create the 816 Euskadi Express, a rapid cross-border service available at the weekend. Imagine spending a Sunday on Saint-Jean-de-Luz beach, catching the Euskadi Express for just €2 at 11:30 in Irún, and coming home at 18:30! Sounds good? (link). What about if you’re not from Irún, but you also want to get in on the offer? That’s where PassEusk comes in, a ticket allowing you to use Transports64 buses and Topo trains between Bayonne, Hendaye and San Sebastián at just €5 for adults and free for children under 5.

These are just some of the intermodal transport options available in the region. Plan your own route this summer with and enjoy your summer holidays leaving the car at home, reaping the economic, health and environmental benefits, and not to mention the time you’ll save.


We’ve experimented with the Umap tool and Open Street Map data to offer you an interactive map, allowing you to see all of the transport services available along the Basque-Landes coast. The tool will of course be gradually updated: link


In order to offer you a route planner and update you on the different advances made as part of the Transfermuga project, we’ve decided to record a video. At three minutes long, it’s intended to show just a glimpse of everyday border crossings and the people behind them: link

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