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Due to the variety of options for cross-border travel, we believed it would be useful to group all of these options on a single platform for public consultation.

Our primary goal is therefore to provide information. This information shall be provided in three languages: Basque, Spanish and French.

What area does the platform cover? The platform will evolve gradually. In 2015, priority will be given to the coastal Bayonne-San Sebastián axis, before moving on to cross-border services on an inter-departmental level (Gipuzkoa-Pyrénées Atlantiques) and then on a regional level (Aquitaine-Basque Country). The focus will therefore be progressive.

How will this take shape in practical terms? We will begin by providing an initial level of information on the services available (fares, timetables, network maps, etc.) and a link to existing websites to obtain more precise information. Our platform serves as an information portal.

Will the portal be updated? We will aim to update the service on a weekly basis, particularly by means of posts published on our blog. As well as informing users on existing services, we also wish to provide information on events in the region, new and upcoming services and current considerations. We believe that travel doesn’t have to be complicated; it’s simply a question of explaining the information available. The portal is primarily intended to be educational.

Is the information summarised anywhere? We are currently developing a multimodal route planner that will be available next June for railway journeys (TER, Euskotren and Renfe). Our aim is to integrate all of the public and private services available (by providing accessible data and fostering innovation). The main goal is to provide a single tool, grouping all of the available services.

How can users get in touch with you? We believe that dialogue is key, and you may ask us as many questions as you wish. The web team will respond to questions seven days a week via Twitter and Instagram, by means of #transfermuga.

What is Transfermuga? is an information portal on cross-border transport promoted by the Aquitaine-Euskadi Euroregion.

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