Bike rental in Bayonne agglomeration

20 Jan , 2015  

What services are available?

The Municipality of Bayonne has bicycles available all year round, while the municipality of Anglet offers bicycles during the summer months.

Who are the bicycles for?

  • In Bayonne : Anyone wishing to use a bike without signing up for membership must fill in a rental contract at one of the 11 public information points (leaving ID details and a cheque deposit of €150). Anyone wishing to sign up for membership must go to the town hall or the Youth Information Bureau, leaving ID details, a cheque deposit and a passport sized photograph. The card provided is valid for a year and simplifies the rental process.

  • In Anglet : a webpage let you connect, look at the bik’es disponibility, and to reserve a bike. More information (en frances) : link

How much does it cost? It’s free.

Where can bicycles be rented?

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