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Some good plans for your visit to San Sebastian

10 Jan , 2016  

After our first partnership with Basklink after summer, we come now to a collaboration with Sisters & the City, the most fashionable girls in Donostia! We will explain you how to get to the capital of Gipuzkoa. Meanwhile, they will propose us a top 10Christmas plans and more.

  • logo-cabeceraTravel around the city’s Christmas spots. A visit to the traditional Nativity Scene in Plaza Gipuzkoa is essential and this year you cannot afford to miss out on taking photos of the Christmas trees at the Miramar Palace and the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.  You can then share them with your INSTAGRAM friends. – link
  • Do you like Basque STYLE ? Visit MINIMIL, a BASQUE women’s fashion label. It is heavily influenced by the style of Cristóbal Balenciaga, and you will fall in love with its pure and straight lines. 100% Basque STYLE Calle Elkano – link
  • Renting a bicycle is a must, pedal and explore the city from one end to another. Wrap up warm, and if it rains you can just lock up the bike, have a txakoli and smile. After a few drinks, the rain will no longer seem so scary 😉 here you can see the 10 most instagrammable spots in the city – link,
  • Have a cocktail at Sirimiri in the truest NYC style. At Sirimiri, they will prepare whatever you need, depending on your mood or in order to change your mood. El Sirimiri is the “Cocktail place” + IN for all of the Basque Country! And since you’re here, stay and have a bite to eat – link,
  • What about having something to eat at the beautiful Café Saigón, located inside the iconic Hotel Maria Cristina? Feel like a star and book a table. They specialise in Vietnamese cooking with Thai touches. Their dishes with fresh and citrusy touches will transport you to the Far East. link to Café Saigón and 10 other great plans  – link
  • Visit Tabakalera, the city’s new multicultural space. Head up to their terrace and have a look around any of their exhibitions, afterwards you can take a stroll around Gros. Three recommendations that always hit the spot. Tortilla from Bar Zabaleta, Calle Zabaleta, the completo (type of hot dog) from Bodega Donostiarra,  the brand new BELGRADO where you can also purchase one of our sistersproducts.
  • Do you love tea? In San Sebastian MyTea is the place for you. Crossing the threshold of the shop on Calle Etxaide will transport you to a warm universe filled with aromas and flavours – link,
  • Get your trainers on a day when there is a Southerly Wind and climb up Mount Ulía. The route between La Plata Lighthouse and Pasajes is delightful. Have a drink at the Falcon Crest, you will have earned it. Faro de la plata – link / Falcon Crest – link
  • It is time to eat some kidney beans, why not go one Saturday to the birthplace of kidney beans? Don’t miss out on the market and afterwards get a table at El Frontón de Tolosa where they have delicious bean dishes. In San Sebastian our favourites are at Restaurante Juanito Kojua,
  • Immerse yourself in the history of San Sebastián at the Aquarium and walk among sharks. This is a museum that will certainly not disappoint – link

Getting there

There are many options for travel to San Sebastián, so read on to find out more.

Heading to the border to catch the Topo:

Travelling to Irún to catch a Renfe train: the two regional trains per hour only take 20 minutes to get to San Sebastián, although if you want free parking in Irún, you’ll have to park beside the station, near Paseo Colón, or in the Ventas district: Renfe info I Irún parking info I interactive map.

Direct by bus: private bus companies such as Alsa, Pesa and Starshipper run lines to towns north of San Sebastián at very competitive prices: compare bus fares I bus timetables.

By car: if you prefer to cross the border by car (because, let’s face it, child seats are pretty difficult to carry on the train), here’s an eco-friendly option: on arriving in San Sebastián, leave your car in an outer car park such as Loyola, and then walk along the river or catch a dBus into the city centre: dBus info I San Sebastián parking info I motorway toll info.

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