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A “.net” Basque Country

8 Feb , 2016  

After helping you to discover Baskline and Sisters & The City, we want to share a new blog with you. This time it is

This page, somewhere between a website and a tourist guide, is a true goldmine that suggests a selection of restaurants, walking routes and places to visits. It offers information on a regular basis, about cities on the other side of the border. This is a unique opportunity to discover or rediscover some treasures.

Many towns are already included on the page: close to thirty…and there is an increasing amount of information, such as details about the different walking routes you can enjoy on both sides of the border…  

The article about the Bay of Pasaia has already been viewed more than 1200 times, and the one about the coastal path, has almost 1000 views…

Sport really stands out thanks to the best surfing spots that the area has to offer. In terms of excursions, shopping and wellbeing, the blog also offers a very exhaustive list. 

If you read all of the articles, then it is very unlikely that you will have many weekends of feeling bored.

The photo gallery that accompanies the different articles perfectly illustrates what this area has to offer.

We are collaborating with and this association is important for us. In fact, this blog aims to promote the area through its most attractive assets, without preconceived ideas, in order to ensure education and information. As for us, we adopt the same approach in relation to transport. We believe that these two approaches really complement one another.

We should not forget that transport is a resource at the service of discovery…

Access the website: here   I   Access to Facebook (more than 10,000 Likes): here