Cross-border ticket

Passbask (TER+Topo)

21 Feb , 2015  

What is a Passbask? A Passbask allows the user to travel on TER and Topo network trains between Bayonne, Hendaye and San Sebastián,

How much does a Passbask cost?

  • €12 for adults,
  • €8 for under 12s,
  • and free for children under 4.

How does the Passbask work? the pass allows users to travel between Bayonne and Hendaye as many times as they wish, allowing them to alight at stations on the way in both directions up until midnight of the following day. Users must pick up a ticket allowing them free access to the Euskotren station in Hendaye in order to continue their journey to San Sebastián.

When is the pass valid?

  • everyday, on the day of validation until 00:00 the following day

Where are the passes purchased? From stations

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