Buses in Capbreton, Hossegor… (Yego)

5 Jan , 2015  

What service is there? Mobimacs is a network of 3 regular lines that provides a connection with several towns in the Maremne Adour Côte-Sud area, such as Hossegor, Capbreton, Labenne and Tyrosse: access

Line 1 is linked to the stations of Labenne and Tyrosse. It offers direct access to the coast. Therefore, it is a very interesting line for leisure trips, especially for people that arrive by train: access

Likewise, as this is an area with lots of bicycle lanes, travellers are permitted to take bikes on the bus. This is an excellent opportunity to get around using this form of transport: access

How much does it cost? In order to use the Mobimacs network you need to purchase a €1 ticket. Passes are also available: acceder

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