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30 Oct , 2015  

The platform has been created with a single goal in mind: to inform the public on the increasing number of cross-border services available, which remain unknown to the majority of the regional population. In this sense, Transfermuga’s aim is simple. We want to raise awareness of all of these services, whether public or private, and ranging from ferries to aeroplanes and cars to buses. After all, there is something to suit all tastes and budgets.

And to finish off the summer season with a bang, we’d like to suggest a range of options you might never have heard of. Read on to find out more…

You’re cash strapped, but dream of getting away from it all,

There are many affordable ways to discover the border region, and they’re all listed in our “costs” section…here’s our pick…

If you don’t mind combining bus and Topo train travel, you can journey from Bayonne <> San Sebastián (and anywhere on the way) for just €5, thanks to Transports64 and Euskotren’s PassEusk. If you’re a fan of the Topo, but prefer the TER to the bus, you can also make the most of the PassBask, which allows you unlimited travel between Bayonne and San Sebastián during weekends for just €11 – go to Passbask / Passeusk

Live in Toulouse and want to spend the weekend with friends in San Sebastián? Live in Irún and want to discover the Bordeaux region, declared a Unesco World Heritage Site? Now you can, with tickets starting at just €10, thanks to Starshipper – link

Carsharing is another affordable option. We have incorporated the Blablacar search engine into our carsharing section. You’ll see how easy it is to use, allowing you to travel from Bayonne to San Sebastián for less than €5. It doesn’t get any more affordable than that! – link

Finally, if you’re known for hunting down great deals, tell your friends about our comparison site for bus tickets, and they’ll be sure to thank you later. link.

When time is of the essence…

Do you prefer to get to your destination quickly and efficiently, no matter the cost? If that’s the case, you’ll be pleased to hear about coach services such as Alsa and Pesa that can take you from Biarritz Airport to San Sebastián old town in just 45 minutes, via the motorway. Journey times from the centre of Biarritz are slightly longer. And better still, Alsa and Pesa bus tickets may be bought online. There are also between 7 and 15 outward and return journeys per day depending on the time of year. – see more here Pesa / Alsa

And there’s more: if you know of accessible and free parking in Irún (easier to find than in some cities), you can catch a Renfe commuter train at Irún station or at Irún Ventas and be in San Sebastián centre (Gros or Atocha station) in just 20 minutes, and for less than €2. There is also a train every 30 minutes, so that means no more hours spent circling looking for a parking space when you’re off to the shops, or filling up the tank when you pick up your car again back in Irún. – link

Parking can be tricky…and expensive!

Imagine you’re going over to “the other side” with friends for the day. You’re sharing the same car to keep costs down, but there’s one thing you hadn’t banked on: sky-high parking fees. Don’t worry though, we’ve got some tips.

In summer, many cities in the north offer free parking outside city centres. You can then make your way to the beach or the old town via a park and ride scheme. Cities with such services include Anglet (Minerva car park), Biarritz (Halles d’Iraty) and San Juan de Luz (Ravel). –link

Similar systems operate further south. Ficoba parking in Irún (900 spaces) is free from 08:00 to 22:00, meaning you can leave off your car and walk into the city centre in 15 minutes. Ficoba is well served by transport links, so next time you can leave your car there and catch a Topo train, the 916 Euskadi Express, or even the TER in Hendaye (if you walk over to the station). – link

You can also find free parking in San Sebastián at Loiola car park. From there, there are various options. You can catch a bus to the city centre, enjoying one of the best transport networks in Europe (that is both efficient and affordable). You could also head in by foot, enjoying the 15-minute walk along the river, getting in some exercise and seeing a new side to San Sebastián. Don’t worry though, there are cafés and bars every 500 metres, so there’s always a place to stop off if you get thirsty! – links

To view the exact location of the car parks, try our map app. By clicking on the icon on the right, you can plan your own route from your present location, calculating the distance by car to your chosen car park. – link

And one more thing, our platform also features an integrated search engine with the cheapest fuel prices. – link

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